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August 12, 2013
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
“Ludwig...Gilbert...are you sure we can do it here?” You asked them softly.
“Ya, leibling. Don't vorry, it's a really dark night tonight, nobody can see us.” Germany responded with a whisper.
“But what if...-” You were silenced by Prussia's finger on your lips.
“It's alright, Frau.” Gilbert whispered back at you. It was a really dark night, maybe nobody would see this. And the car you and the Germans were in blended in with the night. The only thing bright was the full moon,
and all it illuminated were the flowers on the hill where you were parked.
“Well...umm...Ludwig?” You started to say.
“It's my first time...please be gentle...”
“I promise I'll make it special for you....und if it's not 100% perfect, I'll....I'll...I don't know vhat I'd do, but...”
“Ludwig, you're being a total pussy right now. Seriously, just hurry up. We came here for areason.” You told him with a hint of impatience in your tone of voice.
“Vell, as zee saying goes, you are vhat you eat, right? If I'm a pussy, zen I'll eat pussy.” The German said seductively as he went down on you through your <color> skirt.
“Oh, god, Ludwig! Yeah...faster! Just like that...!” You moaned as his tongue made his way around your entrance.
“<name> is pretty vet, don't you zink, Brüder? A nice fingering vould do zee trick.” Prussia said, winking at Germany.
“Good point, Eascht.” Germany nodded in agreement with his brother. A pair of rough German fingers slipped inside you, making you lose your breath in ecstasy. After you regained your breath, you moaned loudly as a tongue licked your clitoris. You looked down at Germany. His face was looking up at you. You realized that the tongue felt awesome. Too awesome.
“Prussia....” You moaned slightly.
“Ya? I can see you schmiling, I'm off zee hook! Kesesesese!” He teased as he continued to lick you rapidly.
“Vell, <name>! Your panties are soaking vet! I zink it's time vee get on vith zee show!” Germany said as he pulled off your skirt and underwear.
“As I said, boys...please be gentle...” You told them both.
“Vee underschtand. I promise not to disappoint you.” Ludwig said as he unzipped his pants and slipped his rod inside you.
“Mmm...Deutschland! You're- you're big! Very big! Faster, please!” You groaned as Germany pushed in you.
“Vhere do I come in? Kesesesese!” Prussia asked.
“You don't, Prussia. Seriously, this is between me and Ludwig.” You snapped at him.
“You've earned yourself a major punishment for denying zee avesomeness zat is me!” He said, unzipping his pants.
“What's the punishment- AHHHH!!! That's...that's the wrong hole!” You yelled when Prussia inserted himself inside your ass.
“But it feels so right! Besides, Vescht is using zee other one.” He said with a smirk.
“Gilbert...stop!” You commanded.
“Vhy schtop now? I'm so close!” He said.
“You've been in my ass for less than a minute now and you're about to come? Gee, you sure don't last long.” You insulted.
“Vell, maybe I should fill zat sassy mouth of yours vith mein load so zat you regret saying zat!”Prussia said with a horny sparkle in his eyes.
“Gil-DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!” You screamed. He ignored your orders as he splashed his love in your face.
“Eascht!” Germany yelled.
“Vhat, Vescht?” Prussia asked.
“Zat's no vay to treat a lady! I'll scold you later. <name>, I'm so sorry about zat.”
“It's okay...” You said softly as Ludwig's warm seed spilled into you.
“I'm also sorry about coming inside you juscht now...”
“It's alright, I'm on the pill.”
“ said zis vas your firscht time!”
“I lied. Now, do you want to fuck me again or should I drive the car back home so I can tie the both of you up?”
“You're a dirty little slut.”
“You say that like it's a bad thing.”
“It is!”
“Is not!”
“It's not bad or good, it's AVESOME! Now let's go home...I vant to see if she's serious about tying us up, Brüder.” Prussia interrupted.
“Are you going to test me?” You said with a smile.
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