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Bad Touch Trio X Reader: Silvercross Shores {Lemon}

-I made this as hardcore as possible, so this is definitely beyond R18. So what? It's your life. Read this kind of stuff if you want, but I am NOT liable for any injuries or deaths.-

“<name>, wake up!” Your dad said at 3:30 AM. “We have to leave at 4 AM for vacation! Get your suitcase and stuff down here!”
You were really looking forward to this vacation. You were going to Silvercross Shores. There would be a beautiful condo, a nice beach, and your favorite movie to watch over the 16-hour car drive. You had a fully charged DS and iPhone, and your laptop was packed in a separate bag. There was only one car charger for phones, but did it matter? You had yours charged and all the apps you weren't using were closed. You had your headphones to take you to a glorious place full of your favorite songs. You had <favorite movie> to watch over the trip. To top it all off, you had <favorite DS game> to keep you busy when all else fails. But most importantly, you had an assload of snacks in the trunk of the car. You could reach back and get brownies, soda, energy drinks, cheddar chex mix, and more! Nom nom nom. It seemed like a trip to paradise. Nothing could go wrong. Your dad was driving at a decent pace, but it felt you were still in your driveway. You watched your movie peacefully with your little sibling, <sibling's name>, but the DVD kept freezing before you were 25% into it. You gave up on that movie and started watching another one, but you had seen that a million times. It was boring now. You checked your Deviantart messages on your phone- 15 feedback messages.
“Oh, fuck, someone is flaming me, aren't they?” You thought. “Why must the Internet be full of bastards?”
Luckily, it was just two comments on two of your lemon fanfictions, both of them positive. You smiled and felt relieved that no one was attacking you. The rest of the messages were replies to your comments from friends, not attackers, and notifications of someone adding one of your Deviations to their favorites. You had over 100 watch messages, though. You didn't feel like sorting through them, so you closed the window and turned your phone off. It still played your favorite song, Autobahn Crasher, through your earbuds. You played your DS game to the beat of the song, pressing buttons according to it. Before long, your phone was out of battery. It wouldn't charge very well on the car charger, either. You played on your DS with your earbuds in it so you could hear the game music over whatever else was happening. It was better than nothing. Eventually you found your DS flashing a red light, meaning it was out of battery. You were out of electronics to keep you busy. It was time for the ferry to pick you up. You tried your best to tough it out. Finally, you found yourself at the condo area. Your mother couldn't get the code right. Eventually, she tried again, with you and your little sibling sitting in the car. Ten minutes later, your mom came back crying.
“What's wrong, mom?” You asked her.
“Someone else is in our condo! Dana double booked it! We don't have a place to stay tonight! We must sue her for all our expenses! She has to make this right at her expense!” Your mother sobbed angrily. She called, texted, and emailed Dana.
No response to either message. Eventually, she did call back.
“I'm so sorry! I didn't realize I already booked it! I have a friend who owns a condo elsewhere, I can arrange to have it cleaned and ready for you to stay in!” Dana said over the phone.
Your mom agreed with her and drove off to get something to eat. You stopped at a pizza joint. Your mom ordered a large cheese pizza with cheese filled crust, thinking it would feed you, <sibling's name>, and her, but it looked like it could feed eight people. You had two slices and were instantly full. Finally, you got in the car and drove to your new condo. You weren't sure if you were going to be here the whole week or not, but you still unpacked everything. As soon as you got out of the car, you were so tired that your eyes were spinning and you nearly lost touch with reality several times. You had to share a room with your little sibling, but she wasn't much of a bother. She just posted stuff on Instagram all night before falling asleep. You woke up late, but not as late as her. A few hours later, the time you had been looking forward to had come- the beach. Finally! You ran down in your swimsuit, feeling so happy. You got into the water, feeling perfect.
“Mommy! I caught a jellyfish!” Said a little boy holding a net with the glob of whatever jellyfish are made of in his hand.
“HOLY CRAP!” You screamed. You wanted to use other words, but you remembered that the boy there could hear you and he was probably about 7 years old. You ran out onto the sand, scared for your life, even though the jellyfish wasn't deadly. You didn't want to be stung. Five minutes later, you decided to go back out into the surf.
“Be brave.” You repeated to yourself. No matter how brave you wanted to be, every time you saw what might be a jellyfish, you ran to the sand. Later though you got over it and went way out into the surf on your boogie board, letting the waves push you back and forth. Before you knew it, you were way out into the surf, far from your parents. The waves knocked you over constantly, but the possibility of jellyfish being around was all you could think about. Your mom had to help you back to the sand, where you sat on a chair next to your dad and had some orange soda.
“Can I go back to the condo?” You asked him.
“Sure. Here's the key.” He said, handing you the key. “Leave it unlocked for us.”
“Thanks, I will.” You said, walking back to it. When you got there, it was already unlocked. You opened the door to find three men on the couch.
“Bonjour, madam. Dana said you were dissatisfied, so we are here to make it up to you.” Said a man with neck length blonde hair and gleaming blue eyes.
“My name is Francis.” Said the man. “And these are my friends, Antonio and Gilbert.” Antonio had dark brown hair and shiny green eyes. Gilbert had silver hair and blood red eyes. All three of them were wearing girl's biker shorts, a bow collar around their necks, and bunny ear headbands. No shirts.
“Any reason you guys are shirtless?” You asked them.
“We are going to satisfy you. Dana asked us to.” Francis said. “Ve vill teach you physical education!” Gilbert said after him with a cocked eyebrow. Antonio said nothing as he took off your swimsuit top and held your breasts against his abs. You felt warm inside. It was only a tiny bit of arousal, though. You kept wondering if your parents were going to walk in. All those thoughts slipped away when you felt Francis slip down your swimsuit bottom and place his hand on your ass gently. You felt yourself getting wetter, but you didn't know what it would be like, having sex with three guys at once. Your head did the math- three guys=three dicks, three dicks would need three holes, which you had. It was obvious that you'd have all your holes fills in a few minutes, but for some reason you needed to count everything out. Gilbert took away all thoughts of nervousness and replaced them with arousal as he licked your clitoris. His tongue then proceeded to dance all over your entrance, making shivers go down your spine. Pleasure and lust consumed you as you undid each hottie's pants, giving them a clear hint on what you wanted. You were completely naked, giving each guy a hard-on. You left their pants on but had their cocks out of them, and all three of them were standing up at you. You then squatted on the ground, giving Francis a handjob and Gilbert a blowjob. You alternated between the two for the both of them. Antonio was taking care of himself. You felt somewhat bad for him, even though you knew you only had two hands and one mouth. You decided to use one hand to motion to him to come over. You had heard about this before, but it seemed awkward to try. That's when you sat down completely and raised your legs about halfway. Antonio knew what he was in for- a footjob. You cupped your feet around his member and moved up and down, all while paying the same amount of attention as you had been doing before to Francis and Gilbert. Finally, all three of them came. Gilbert got the honor of having you swallow his load, but Francis was still happy he got his, anyways. Antonio would be leaving with some rather pleasant memories afoot. (pun intended)
Now, you did the math before, one guy fucks your pussy, another guy fucks your ass, and another guy fucks your throat.
Your math was incorrect. Francis and Gilbert picked you up and you wrapped your arms around their necks. Both of them used one of their arms to hold up your legs and the other to support your back. Both of their cocks went in your ass at the same time, making you scream in an odd mix of pain and pleasure that ended up being pure pleasure after a few thrusts. You felt their skin hitting yours, increasing the passion even more. Antonio was bent over in front of you, licking you out more, as if he was going to penetrate your pink palace in a second. You were wet enough to take him before, so why is he doing this?
Okay, this time you were sure you were correct. Francis and Gilbert have the “wrong hole” to play with, and Antonio gets your pussy.
After 15 minutes of his tongue dance on your entrance, you realized you were wrong again. Gilbert and Francis walked backwards to the bedroom with you still on top of them and removed themselves from your ass once they got there. Antonio pushed your face into the bed and teamed up with Gilbert to enter your soaking wet womanhood. No wonder Antonio had so much licking to do! Francis hooked a leather collar around your neck with two long cords attached to it. Antonio and Gilbert each took a cord into their hands. Francis laid down with his cock standing perfectly straight like a soldier right below your face. When he saw your mouth gasping for air from all the pleasure being given to you by the other two, he waited for it to be wide enough. When it was, he grabbed your head and pushed your mouth all the way down his rod.
“Gilbert, Antonio, you guys know what to do!” Francis said. As they thrust into you, they also pulled up on the cord, moving your head up, and loosened their grip, moving it down, in order to control your head completely. It was like they had rehearsed this or something earlier. Francis came into your mouth and you swallowed it all as they lifted your head off his cock. The other two came inside you, filling you up with their seed.
“More! More! More!” You said. It truly was pure pleasure.
“Maybe later. Enjoy your stay at Silvercross Shores!” Francis said as he and the others got dressed in his everyday clothes. You soon realized that they were not just some male hookers Dana got for you, but the Bad Touch Trio.
“France, Spain, Prussia....” You asked slowly.
“Oui?” France asked.
“Sí?” Spain asked.
“Ja?” Prussia asked.
“CAN I GET YOUR AUTOGRAPH?!?!” You screamed, dashing for a pen and some paper.
“Sure.” They all said in unison as they signed your notebook paper sheet. “We have more fans to please, but we hope to see you again.” France said as he left with Prussia and Spain.
“Stay awesome 'till zee next time ve see you!” Prussia added as he shut the door.
You held the paper in your hand, shuddering with excitement as you fainted from the sudden joy. Best vacation ever!
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Hetalia-nerd-11 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Writer
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Bobbypiner Featured By Owner May 16, 2015
I was listening to Slipknot while reading this omg it made it seem more hardcore n sexy I died
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New-Sampshire Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This was great! =D I started to grin immediately when my character realized who the were XD
YellowVixen Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
NikoKarma Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Well obiously.
Dana- meet me in a hour I'll take a memory tablet and I'll see you then!
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Moka-Drowned Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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haibabe Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

ah hah, anyways..

it was very 'hardcore', and I pretty much want to kill someone and take their soul, sell it to satan, and become one with the two dimensional world and later mother russia, holy spain, lover boy france, and sassy prussia...
Marshalyn4ever Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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GirlInAnotherWorld Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i said more!
AmariAngel Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Student Photographer
“More! More! More!” You said. It truly was pure pleasure.
“Maybe later. Enjoy your stay at Silvercross Shores!” Francis said as he and the others got dressed in his everyday clothes.

Me After Reading This: Wait...what? Have sex with me for like 30 minutes and then just leave? I said more biatches! (I literally yelled that out loud and my dad ran into my room with a look that just screamed "Someone is about to get shot up in here!")
New-Sampshire Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Omg XD HA! I share your feelings all the way! Me want more bad touch trio OuO
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